Saturday, 1 December 2018

Reading: Fact or Opinion

This week for literacy in Reading we have been working on learning about Facts and Opinion and the meaning of both words. Our fact or opinion was based on Teachers Striking in New Zealand we answered some question and had to figure out if it was a fact or opinion. I learned that definition of "Fact" is something that is always true, Facts can be proven we can find facts by doing research. The definition of "Opinion" is what you think or feel it can not be proven though.

Here's is a video that was part of our task, me and my buddy Trinity created...

Like to know more click here: NZ 2018 Teacher Striking

Monday, 26 November 2018

Elements of Art: 3

Elements Of Art: 3

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Conformity - Jackson. Pollock.

The element art: Colour, form, Line, Texture.

I think when Jackson Pollock painted this he was expressing different emotions or was expressing different way of how people see the world. Full of colors and full of spirit. I love seeing how he flicked the paint everywhere making different swirly lines.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Writing: The Mystery Blossom Tree

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I came back from school it’s December my favorite month of the year where school ends and summer start, I was walking home with two of my friends, Mia and Louise. I always have them around with me everywhere, while we were walking to my house it was getting really hot and even hotter. The blazing sun was killing us so we decided to head to the shops and grab us some drinks. When we got there I was waiting outside the shops my legs were sore and my head was burning until I felt a cool breeze come across my face, it helped me calm down and I had this feeling as if it was coming from somewhere.

So I followed it, it was getting even windy I cooled down, even more, it was such a refreshing feeling, until I stopped. I opened my eyes and when I opened my eyes I was in shocked I was… standing at the top of a hill. Some kind of hill and it was properly a really tall hill because I could no longer see anything at the bottom, I was confused so confused that I started yelling help but it was empty as if nothing was there as if I was in the middle of nowhere only on top of a hill, I turned around and looked across seeing half the top of the hill was covered with blossom tree and petals that had fallen off. It was so beautiful I admired it actually wanting to take a picture of it, I grabbed my bag but my bag was gone and my phone was missing, searching and searching for my phone looking around on the grass but saw no sight of it. I felt kind of dizzy all of a sudden but could still see and control my body properly, so I forgot about my phone and went walking over to the other side of the hill where all the blossom tree was.

It was like a forest it was blossom tree over blossom tree creating a huge ceiling pathway, I walked down it and the smell of the petals caught me by surprise I’ve never smelled a blossoming plant before but it was like nothing else I smelled it, it wasn’t to strong, it wasn’t too sweet but it was just perfect! Just how I liked it. I felt peace and calm came over me. Then I decided to lay down in the petals and after awhile I thought to myself could I stay here??, only for like 2 days but how would I survive?, what if it rained?, what will I eat?. So the only option that I had in my mind was to get down from the hill and return back home, still thinking how I got here I thought it would be better to go down on land to find my way home.
I’m going to miss that blossom tree so I continued to walk to crawl down the hill. While I was walking I wanted to take something with me (feeling as if I had to) so I walked up to the blossom tree and took off the string of blossom that was hanging down I shook the tree and all the beautiful petals came down putting some in my pocket as well, which I shouldn’t have because they could’ve been all squished in there.

I walked away happily with the blossom in my hand when all of a sudden, I heard a voice, that voice, sounded familiar. “Grandma!’’ I said out loud, I knew it was her voice, that singing. “Grandma is that you!!’’, feeling sad all of a sudden missing my Grandma and seeing her face after school I felt a pinch on my leg “ouch!” I said. Then I dropped to the ground.

"LANI!!, lani wake up!!!” it was Mia she was calling my name. I opened my eyes and saw Mia and Louise standing over me with a man in a doctor's suit. “Lani are you alright??, we’ll call your parents to tell them your okay” It was the doctor. “Am I in the hospital? ’’ I said to myself “ Yes you are and thank god you're alive, we thought you were a goner ’’ Louise said. They sat me up straight as my back was filled with pain. “What happened??”, well… Mia said “ Remember how we were getting the drink while we were walking back from school because it was really hot and you were waiting outside the shop for us ’’ Yep! I said “Well me and Louise were paying for the drinks when all of sudden we heard as if someone fell from somewhere, so me and Louise ran outside to find you lying neath a tree we thought you must have fainted and tried waking you up but you wouldn’t and Louise told me to call the ambulance because you might have gone into coma or something like that ’’ .

Wow! I said to them “ How did I faint?, do you guys remember anything because I don’t”. Yep! They both said “Actually not really but the doctors told us that it was so hot outside you couldn’t take the heat anymore and must’ve fainted” Louise said. Ohh yeah now I remember, but I only remember the part of when I got dizzy and then dropped to the ground. Then I remembered something… “THE BLOSSOM TREE!!” I shouted. “I remember when I fainted and I was on a hill and I saw half of the hill was just covered with blossom tree and I like it and admired it a lot! OH, and I also heard my Grandma, well... I think it was her and she was singing and then I felt like something pinched me and then I woke up to you two standing over me” I said. "oh yeah I pinched you" said Louise I was trying to wake you Louise said.

Ohhhh I thought to myself, after all that talking Louise and Mia headed out to buy some lunch for us three to eat and while they were gone I was soon falling asleep until I felt something squishy in my right pocket. I lift up my blanket to find my right pocket was all wet, so I opened my pocket and saw petals of a blossom tree, I was triggered as to how it got there. Thinking for a while I finally realized that I picked the petal from the blossom tree in my dream, "that was really weird!" I said to myself, is this a dream? or did this actually happen? again I was confused. I was tired of all this thinking and finally decided to rest when I laid back in my bed, until I heard some underneath whispering to me saying " Why did you hurt my tree?" I froze... To be continued

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Reading Task: Inference

This week for literacy. Me and my group have been learning about inference's. Each slide has an article that we read. After we finish reading the article we answer question that are based on the article. We write the answer that we think is correct.

I enjoy doing this task and hope to do more!

Monday, 5 November 2018

Writing Test: What it means to be a Good Friend

Writing Test: What it means to be a Good Friend.  Colour Code:          = Statement   l S
                                                                                                                          = Explanation l E
                                                                                                                          = Example       l E
Friends are most amazing things you could have in life. Its goes like this:
You met a stranger, you get to know each other, find out what you both have in
common and boom!, you have a friend but sometime it’s not that easy to make
friends. Sometimes I hear people say “ What’s a Good Friend” or “ How can you be a good friend”.
\Well that why I’m here, to explain to you on what being a good friend means.

Being a good friend means to be caring. Good friends care for each other.
If your friend ever needs someone to help them out, then you should help
them out with what they need help with. If they tell you that a special family
member died or their getting really ill you should support them and tell them
that everything's gonna be ok. So say if their pet kitten died because it was hit
by a car, then you should listen to them and tell them “ it’s alright we can buy you
a new kitten ” and tell them that you there for them so their not alone.

Trust is also what it means to be a good friend. If they did something bad and they
want to tell you then you have to show them that they can trust you. Meaning it
should only stay between you two and not anyone else. If they want you to look
after a item of there while there gone out then you should look after it and make
sure you give it back to them when they come back.

Last but not least. Having fun is what it means to be a good friend. When you both have
nothing to do you guys can be daring and go out and explore the wild, or head to
the park to catch up with the others and play some volley or go for a swim in the

There you have it!, three ideas on what being a good friend mean I hope this
helps you to be a good friend.
Last week for literacy we had a writing test. Our writing test was all about SEE. Statement, Explanation, Example. We were write an explanation writing. We use it so when other people read our/your writing it can help explain your writing a little bit more make your audience understand it more

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Reading: Man and Sea

This week for Reading me and my group have been reading a Book called "Man and Sea". Written by Elia Taumata. This book is based on about what the Tatau is, how we got it and what it means to get it. The Tatau is a tattoo that is originated in Samoa, it is only for Samoan men's to be tattooed on. Mostly Tatau are tattooed on Samoan Leader or Chiefs of their village.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Thursday Inquiry: Robyn Kahukiwa

Today for Inquiry. We were in Room 2 with Miss Tapuke learning about a New Zealand famous artist named "Robyn Kahukiwa" we did research about her and we found some interesting facts about her. Like how she is a Maori painter/artist but she was born in Sydney Australia.

I have been doing researching artist presentation on my other blog post check them out too!.
I enjoy researching all about artist this week.