Wednesday, 26 September 2018


Paying it forward

Paying it forward was a activity we do in our literacy class about kinds and spreading around to others.

First we had to go on to a Juniors Blog and post 10 comments on their class blog and pick one student and write a nice comment on one of their blog post. We did this paying it forward activity because it shows the kids that we’ve seen what they’ve done and we think it’s amazing which will make them feel happy and proud of themselves.

The second thing we did for “Paying it forward” we had to pair up with a buddy, Me and my buddy had to use cut out heart paper and wrote little kind messages to a Junior teacher we chose to make their day. On our heart paper we wrote to “Miss Carter Room 24” “You are so beautiful that makeup is Jealous”. While I was writing this we couldn’t wrote our names or who was it from. The point of writing this was being anonymous so we pay it forward without getting anything back or receiving something back.

What I learned from this was being kind, sharing the love to your neighbors. Even if you don’t know you neighbor/ the person right next to you, you should still be kind. Do this and the Lord will be pleased with you! STOP WHAT YOUR DOING AND SPREAD IT NOW!

Reading: Task Rhyming Poem

This week for Literacy we have been learning about rhyming Poem!

We have been making our own poems and reading other to inspire us to make our own. Here is my poem that I made up at the end of the slide.... Enjoy

Podcasting Sricpt

Nau mai, Haere mai Ki KPE …. You’re listening to Korero Pt England,
coming to you from Auckland New Zealand.

My name is Chastyti and I’m in Year 7 at Pt England School. Joining me today is
Leilani and she’s here to tell us about a book she has been reading.

KIA Ora Leilani
KIA Ora Chastyti

That looks like an interesting book. What have you been reading?
Well this book is called I’m Telling On You which is written by Sandy McKay
and Illustrated by Tervor Pye. 

That sounds like a amazing story. So what is it about
Well this story is about a boy named Timothy who is the
eldest child by 2 years, 3 months and 16 days. He also lives
with his 2 younger siblings and his mum and dad. He says that
his younger sister always gets away with blue murder if it wasn’t
for her big brother. 

What!! blue murder. What’s ‘ Blue murder ’ is it someone who murders people in blue? 
No actually. It’s when someone screams, yells or complains in a very unnecessary and
loud way.   

She must be spoiled then. Anyway carry on with the story.
Well One day Timothy was at school get ready for class.
Then the principal Mr Eccles arrived in class, with a angry
face. He shouts “ Someone in this school has been writing
graffiti on the toilet walls”. Then everybody gets scared.  

Did the graffiti writer get caught?
Yes he did but… Oh no I forgot to tell you
in the beginning that Timothy has 4 favourites words.
His favourite words are ‘ I’m Telling On You ’. 

Hmm? That’s funny because that’s what the book is called.
Oh now I get it. Carry on with the story.
Well as you might know already, Timothy used his 4 favourite words,
‘ I’m Telling on you ’ against the graffiti writer?. 

Does Timothy ever get is favourite words used up against him?
Well that is the next part in the story, but I’m sorry Chastyti you
will have to read the rest of the book, to find out what will happen
next. Also if you will like to read this book you can find it online or
in a nearby library. This has been Leilani and Chastyti podcasting
I’m telling on you written by Sandy McKay and Illustrated by Trevor Pye.
For now Kakete Ano.    

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Reading: Energy Wise

This week for reading we have been learning about energy and how to save energy.

We also discovered these amazing shoes called "Kinetic Energy Shoe" Its a articular about a shoe that every time you walk or run or take a step it fills up the batter that's inside. Students in Ho Chi Minh City at the University of Technology made these shoe to make the future easier for us humans.

Here is my poster I also created:

Q/A Rugby Articular: South Africa beats the All Blacks - Kiwi Kids News

Rugby: All Blacks beaten by South Africa

Who is the main person or group of people in this news article? All Blacks (NZ Rugby Team), RSA (South Africa Team)

What was the key event from the news article? It was about how South Africa had beaten New Zealand.

Where did this event take place? Regional Stadium, Wellington

When did this event take place? September, 16, 2018

Who Won? South Africa won against the All Blacks

Q/A Articular: All Blacks beaten by South Africa