Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Christchurch Idea Post - Compost Theater: Leilani

Idea for Poster

Compose theater - In Christchurch central city,  there could be a huge stone wall that had a projector on it. A projector that plays movies for anyone who wants to watch and best of all the projector is powered by compost or rubbish. So you just tip in your rubbish or compost and it will melt Making gas for it to work.

  1. So the process will happen in like a indestructible metal burning container that can be built in a building. So.. that metal container will be doing all the work, yeps that right!. The metal container will be heated up at about to a really hot temperature and then the compost and rubbish that will be tipped in will melt and make gas for it to work.
  2. Then there will be a projector that will show a movie on a wall with a white sheet making it for anyone who wants to watch movies.

I think this is a good idea to use in Christchurch, because the damage that the earthquake caused can destroy everything. While this Compost Theater could save so much money and a lot of energy. Plus!, who doesn't like a free movie theater right in the PUBLIC!